Monday, 6 July 2009

Semi Precious troll/pandora beads

Hi guys I found some lovely semi precious troll/pandora beads on ebay US and have recently recived them. They are really pretty and add a different texture to your bracelet, they do not have the silver cores, which makes them very good value and have big holes so fit all bracelets.
I particularly like the tanzanite the aventurine and the opalite.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Basics information part 3


Lovelinks are one of my favourite bead systems, they have some very pretty silver beads and my favourite faceted glass ones too.

I have 5 of the silver beads from this collection, they range from £18-£23 and then more again for they gold range. Here is the link to there site;

And pictured are 2 of the beads I have for my bracelet.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Basics information part 2

Pandora.....these are, with Troll, the most well known of these things. heres the link for the UK and the US The Pandora system is quite different to the Troll system as it has a screw thread with which you attatch your beads however the beads can be used with other bracelets and visa versa, just be careful and check. The bracelets are about £55.

I haven't got any Pandora beads but that doesn't mean I wouldn't include any in my collection. So I won't say much more as I like to speak from experience.
If you google or ebay search "Pandora bead" you are likely to receive the most good hits

Monday, 8 June 2009

Basics information part 1

This is some information about the most well known manufacturers of charm beads with their (UK) websites;
In my opinion the best and most attractive range. I think these are one of the original ranges and have some beautiful designs, my favourites being the semi precious ones. (Smoky Quartz one shown, My bead, hearts desire :))

The base bracelets are £34 and the beads range from £23 for the smaller silver ones and glass ones up to £410 for a solid gold bead. Personally I could not buy a whole bracelet of troll beads (it would cost a fortune!!). So I will have a few mixed in with cheaper beads and maybe request some as presents!!!At present I only have one, my favourite little teddy.
There is a list of UK stockists on the Troll website, where I live there is a Jewellers called Chisholm And Hunter that stock troll (I have told my husband this for future reference!)

Friday, 5 June 2009


Hi there!

This blog is dedicated to celebrating my favourite type of wrist jewellery. You will find tips, links,pictures and my latest discoveries. there will also be free giv aways every month so please feel free to join in and enjoy.

We are talking about the colectable bead bracelets some times know as "European Charm Bracelets" but mostly known, by the names of the leading brands such as Pandora, Troll, Lovelinks, Chamilia (and believe me there are many many more).

If you have never heard of this concept, here's how it works;

You buy a base bracelet that can range from £5 up to £55 depending on your choice. To decide what size to buy, bear in mind that if you fill the bracelet up with beads it has to be bigger than your normal bracelet size. For example I havea 6.75"/17cm wrist and I wear an 8.5/22cm bracelet. I will cover the full size range later.

Then you collect beads to fill up your bracelet, there are many different types of beads (sometimes described as "Big Hole Beads") including solid silver, gold, lampwork glass, gemstone, crystal, faceted glass and many more.

What I LOVE about this system is that now I have a collection of lots of different colours I can make up a bracelet to match most every outfit that I have and the beads great presents and swaps. And the Silver ones come in hundreds of different shapes so you can make a collection very personal to you.