Monday, 8 June 2009

Basics information part 1

This is some information about the most well known manufacturers of charm beads with their (UK) websites;
In my opinion the best and most attractive range. I think these are one of the original ranges and have some beautiful designs, my favourites being the semi precious ones. (Smoky Quartz one shown, My bead, hearts desire :))

The base bracelets are £34 and the beads range from £23 for the smaller silver ones and glass ones up to £410 for a solid gold bead. Personally I could not buy a whole bracelet of troll beads (it would cost a fortune!!). So I will have a few mixed in with cheaper beads and maybe request some as presents!!!At present I only have one, my favourite little teddy.
There is a list of UK stockists on the Troll website, where I live there is a Jewellers called Chisholm And Hunter that stock troll (I have told my husband this for future reference!)

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